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Wedding planner in Mallorca

Wedding planner Mallorca, organizing weddings with Soul

Weddings, big parties and other celebrations

At Lluïsa Llull Events & Deco we are experts in wedding planner services with soul, with more than 20 years of experience and countless weddings organized in Mallorca turned into fulfilled dreams.

We bring dream scenarios to real life and create unforgettable moments under the magical embrace of the Mediterranean.

We turn the wedding date into an experience where bride and groom, guests, friends and family not only participate, they immerse themselves in the most wonderful day.

Our unique and passionate approach, the largest network of suppliers, the most spectacular locations end up in the wedding of your dreams.

Wedding planner, we are dream creators and wedding organizers with a Mediterranean soul

From the first moment we will accompany you in the planning, organization and coordination as allies in each episode of this exciting wedding story.

From the selection of the location to the decoration, the menu selection and every little detail, we’ll team up with the best suppliers to ensure that every aspect and detail turns out as agreed.

We expect that your big day exceeds your expectations and becomes a completely unforgettable memory in every way.

With a wide experience as wedding planners, we have detailed knowledge and offer many unique locations in Mallorca, whether with sea views or natural surroundings, to provide an exceptional setting for your special day.

We are committed to turn every dream into reality, making your wedding the experience you have always imagined. Our dedication is reflected in the pursuit of perfection and the creation of memorable memories in every detail.


Weddings full of magic
for unique couples

As wedding planners, we continually adapt to the dreams of each couple, providing advance guidance, offering exclusive locations in natural environments, estates with a Mallorcan essence and taking care of the organization and coordination of each stage of the wedding together with an incredible team of suppliers that will never disappoint.

We have a wide portfolio in event organization in order to give you an idea of ​​what we will be doing in the upcoming months. Please find below a small list of types of services:

  • Invitations
  • Photography
  • Audiovisuals
  • Designers
  • Decoration
  • Transport
  • Vestry
  • Catering service
  • Estates
  • Boats
  • Hotels
  • Hostesses
  • Beauties
  • Music
  • Floral ornament
  • Household

and much more…

If you prefer to choose the suppliers and you want us to take care of the management, we will use our experience to ensure that everything goes right.

How to choose the perfect setting
for my wedding in Mallorca

Mallorca, with its stunning natural beauty and romantic atmosphere, has emerged as a sought-after wedding destination. Couples from all over the world choose to get married and say “Yes, I do” on the island, due to its climate, crystal-clear waters, countless unique places and its distinctive Mediterranean character that give their wedding a unique and truly exclusive touch.

Within the geographical paradise that the island offers, you have the possibility of choosing between the serenity of the beach or the majesty of the mountains, framing your wedding in an idyllic setting that will delight both your family and your guests.

Here are two videos of different places where we create unique and personalized spaces for each couple, with the special touch of Lluisa Events & Deco

Before making a decision about the location, together we will explore various locations that meet a different characteristics. The goal is to find a privileged environment that adapts to your preferences and budget. We will make sure you share a path full of magic to the altar.

Questions may arise about issues such as: Where should we start planning the wedding? How do you coordinate everything that you need for a wedding? How much does a wedding cost in Mallorca? Don’t worry, we are here to accompany you.

The figure of the wedding planner is designed to eliminate your stress. We will take care of the design, planning, organization and coordination of your wedding according to your instructions.

If you have already decided that you want to celebrate your wedding in Mallorca, we will be happy to accompany you

Why do I need to hire a wedding planner

Hiring a wedding planner helps you save time, stress and simplify the organization of your budget.

Joining our wedding planner team is the best decision to ensure the success of your wedding. Here you have several reasons.

Local connections and experience: As a wedding planner in Mallorca we have strong connections with trusted local suppliers. Our experience in planning island-wide weddings not only makes it easy to obtain competitive prices, but also allows us to negotiate beneficial contracts for you.

Time saving: We know that organizing a wedding is a task that requires time and effort. When you join our team of wedding planners, we will take care of all the tedious tasks, from making calls to coordinating schedules. This way, you can focus on designing the day of your dreams, enjoy your engagement, and prepare for the most special moment of your life.

Problem-solving experience: On the road to your wedding day, challenges and setbacks are likely to arise. Our experience in wedding planning allows us to anticipate and efficiently resolve any problems, ensuring that your planning process is as smooth as possible. We strive to keep you from stress, allowing you to enjoy every unique moment on your special day.

Personalization and exclusive attention: We are committed to working closely with you to understand your unique tastes and preferences. Our dedication to personalization ensures that every detail reflects the essence of your love. In addition, you will receive exclusive attention, guaranteeing that your dreams come true in the most authentic way.

By joining us, you are not only hiring a wedding planner, but a passionate team that will make your wedding unforgettable and unique. We are here to turn your dreams into reality and exceed your expectations every step of the way. Let us be part of your love story!